Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Enjoy your holiday but don't forget what you've learnt!

Summer is here after so much hard work!, but now we deserve a break.
 If you passed your English you still could do many things  to learn HAVING FUN: watch movies in original version, listen to your favourite songs and write the lyrics to sing them afterwards, find English-speaking people on the beach in your town or city and start a friendship, go to an English-speaking country for some time (if your parents can afford it). This will help you to keep your English updated..
If you want or need to work harder, remember:
-If you are in ESO: do your digital workbook again. You can also do the exercises  again in a new notebook.
-If you are in Bachillerato here is a link. But you can also work on the Macmillan website.Your teacher gave you a log-in and a password.
Bye guys and HAVE A NICE SUMMER!

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