Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2º Bto. Presentations

There will be four groups in each class:
GROUP 1. Conditional  Clauses

Definition, commas, examples
Zero & first conditional.
Second & third conditional.
Mixed conditionals.
Linkers: if/ unless/ as long as/ provided that / providing that…

GROUP 2. Reported Speech.

Definition and examples.
Changes: verbs, pronouns, adverbs
Statements and commands.
Questions: yes/ no and wh-questions.
Reporting verbs and structures (students’ book)

GROUP 3. Relative Clauses.

Definition and types.
Relative pronouns and adverbs
Defining Relative Clauses. Definition , pronouns, commas?, etc…
Omission of the relative.
Non-defining Relative Clauses. Definition, pronouns, commas? etc…
What ,whose and whom
-ing and –ed clauses.

GROUP 4. The Passive.

Definition. Explanation with an example.
Verb changes (from active to passive)
The passive with two objects.
The impersonal passive. (two different ways)
Supposed to
Have sth done.

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