Sunday, November 4, 2012

2º Bachillerato Grammar Notes: to+ -ing

A note to complete your infinitives and gerunds explanation:

To + ing form
To  is really two different words:
1.      A sign of the infinitive.
2.      A preposition.

So, when to is a preposition and it is followed by a verb, we use the –ing form.
            Ex.       I’m looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.
                         Do you object to working on Sundays?
                         I’m no used to driving in London.
                         I prefer riding to walking.
 If you’re not sure whether to is a preposition or not, try putting a noun after it. If to cannot be followed by a noun, it is not a preposition and –ing is not used.
Common examples:
                        Look forward to + ing
                        Object to + ing
                        Be used to + ing
                        In addition to + ing
                        Be accustomed to + ing
From English Grammar in Use. Murphy. Cambridge

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